Monday, September 8, 2014

see the online catalogue for re/membering touch

photos of the exhibition courtesy of Jonathan Tse

Friday, June 27, 2014

at last 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The body of work showing in the Confluentés Sea emerged out of an engagement 
with the senses of touch, the haptic and 'smooth space'. Touch is the most tangible 
of our senses. We rely on it to calibrate what we see and hear. Despite this an 
exorbitant privileging of sight has developed within Western thought and knowledge 
that has "actively forgotten and deliberately written touch out of our cultural history". 
This exhibition introduces a major body of work by Tim Mosely that initiates 
a re/membering of touch. It is the first in a series of three exhibitions that presents 
artwork he has produced during his PhD candidature.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

   how deep this touch
Beneath the Surface
 Gallery 105, Crane Arts, Piladelphia, 2014,
 & supported by the Griffith University Centre for Creative Arts Research

    a haptic touch of the rainforest
    quadriptych / relief prints on awagami kozo
    280 x 90 cm

This series of works showing at Crane Arts, Philadelphia, is a part of a larger body of work titled re/membering touch that investigates the role of touch in the reception and evaluation of art. The artists book from the deep requires an intimate response from the viewer. To read this book they must touch the image, and this touch offers a sensibility that is not available through sight. The prints in the show were made with multiple layers of printing that builds up a rich textured surface both literally and figuratively. Viewed from a distance they soon draw the viewer into an intimate space where the textures come into play.   

      Kanage pholu  - a  &  Kanage pholu  - b                                                   
     diptychs / relief prints on awagami kozo,     140 x 90 cm                


    from the deep
    artists book / relief prints on awagami kozo, rainforest ply
    65 x 32 cm (open)

Monday, August 5, 2013

announcing an anthology of unique and editioned artists books by tim mosely

the Confluentes Sea

an archipeligo of remnant gardens
the Sangre de Christo Isles
the háptic atolls

four series of books will be released in 2014
within a body of work titled and exhibited as
re/membering touch

vier Serien von Bücher werden im Jahr 2014 freigegeben werden
in einem Werk mit dem Titel und zeigte wie
re/membering touch

the queensland silverwattle

Native to Australia the Queensland Silverwattle flowers in the winter months. At its best the large bush is completley covered with golden yellow flowers for up to a month followed by the silver grey foilage of new growth. 

Heimisch in Australien die Queensland Silverwattle Blumen in den Wintermonaten. In seinen besten Momenten die große Buchse completley mit goldgelben Blüten für bis zu einem Monat nach dem silbergrau foilage des neuen Wachstums, gefolgt abgedeckt.

about the artist - tim mosely

Touch, the haptic and smooth space are the primary concerns of Tim Mosely's art practice. With an identity formed within the confluence of three disparate cultures insoluble parts from each are held together in tension within his work. Substantial expertise in papermaking, printmaking, bookbinding and collaborative practice compliment these concerns. Artists books in particular, made under the impress of Silverwattle Bookfoundry, offer him a way to combine conceptual and material content that invites our touch and explore and the nature of reading a book. His practice includes writing that contributes to the discourse of the emerging critical field of artists books. With an output of over 75 unique and editioned artists books Tim Mosely is well represented in prominent artists book collections and exhibitions. These public and private collections include

State Library of Queensland, Collection of Australian Fine Art
State Library of Victoria
Artspace Mackay Artist's Book Collection
Centre for Fine Print Research Artist's Book Collection, UWE, UK
Southern Cross University Artists Books Collection
Bower Ashton Library Artist's Book Collection, UWE, UK
Carleton College Library, Minnesota, USA
Bukarts Artists Book collection, Vilinius, Lithuania.
National Library of Australia.

Recent significant exhibitions include

Sense of Place in Artist Books, Architecture Library University of Minnesota
The Silent Scream, Sir Louis Matheson Library, Monash University
New Treasures, State Library of Queensland
5th International Paper & Book Arts Triennial, Chicago
Freestyle Books, State Library of Queensland

Berühren Sie, sind die haptischen und glatten Raum "smooth space" die primären Anliegen der Tim Mosley die Kunstpraxis. Mit einer Identität innerhalb der Zusammenfluss von drei unterschiedlichen Kulturen unlöslichen Teilen von gebildet werden zusammen in Spannungen innerhalb seiner Arbeit abgehalten. Umfangreiche Expertise in der Papierherstellung, Druckgrafik, Buchbinderei und kollaborative Praxis ergänzen diese Bedenken. Künstler Bücher insbesondere unter dem impress von Silverwattle Bookfoundry gemacht, ihm einen Weg zu konzeptionellen und materiellen Inhalt, die unsere berühren und zu erkunden und die Natur lädt ein Buch lesen zu kombinieren. Seine Praxis umfasst das Schreiben, das trägt dazu bei, den Diskurs der entstehenden kritischen Bereich der Künstler Bücher. Mit einer Leistung von mehr als 75 einzigartige und Editionen der Künstler Bücher Tim Mosley ist in prominenten Künstlern Buch Sammlungen und Ausstellungen vertreten. Diese öffentlichen und privaten Sammlungen und Ausstellungen sind oben aufgeführt